Welcome back, USC Archers!

Hey everyone! Welcome to the brand new semester with USC Archery! First of all, I would like to thank all archers who came to our first two Sunday practices at Pasadena. I hope that everyone had a great time and will come back for more fun! RSVP is required for any practice, and it will open every Friday for the following week. If you haven’t been to practice and are interested in it, please click the “RSVP for practice” tab. A day before practice you will receive a confirmation email about the details of practice. No experience is required, nor do equipment. We arrange carpool to the range, and we really appreciate if you can drive other students.

For returning archers, as you may notice, this year we are experiencing a lot of changes. Due to the construction of the Rancho Park Range, we’d moved our Sunday open practice to the Pasadena Roving Archers, 12-2 pm. The time and the location for advanced practices had also changed. They will be held on campus at PED Building, on Wednesday at 6pm and Friday at 4pm. To attend the advanced practices, you need to contact Jeep and get his approval. You need to bring your own equipment to on-campus advanced practices. If you don’t, please contact us and we will see what we can do.

If you have any question, please feel free to shoot us an email at uscarchery@gmail.com. We look forward to seeing your beautiful faces again!

Shoot On!
Shiyu(Stella) Shi

West Regional Intercollegiate Archery Championships!

This past weekend, competition team members Jessica Chen and Scott MacDonald attended the West Regional Intercollegiate Archery Championships, or WRIAC! The tournament spanned three days with Friday being practice and Saturday and Sunday being the competition.

The tournament was held at Mile Square Regional Park, the same place as C3, which is a very nice and new archery range near Huntington Beach. At C3, the archers shot out on the grass of the range, but this weekend during WRIAC the archers shot under the designated covered shooting area, which meant shade the entire time! It also meant that things were cramped for equipment and team rounds as there is a fence that is (inconveniently) located right were the equipment line should be. So there was some interesting

Friday’s practice was a good opportunity for Jessica and Scott to get sighted in and get used to the range and shooting under cover. On Saturday, after a brief captain’s meeting early in the morning, the official practice began at 8:30am followed by the qualifying rounds. This consisted of two 36 arrow rounds at 70 meters, for a total of 720 points. There was beautiful weather all day, except it was a bit windy at times (which would cause all the archers’ arrows to drift right or left) and it got a bit chilly when the wind picked up. Otherwise the ranking rounds ran smoothly! After that was a break for lunch, at which point USC headed out for the day, since the afternoon was for Official and Lottery Teams, which require 3 archers per school to partake in, so USC couldn’t field a team this year. The results of the first day’s ranking rounds: Scott ranked 23rd and Jessica ranked 5th!

Sunday started at 8:30am with official practice again, followed by Mixed Teams! First, USC was up against Biola, and USC won with a sweep 3-1. Next USC was up against Stanford, who out-ranked them in the qualifying rounds, but USC pulled through! After the first end, Standford was ahead. Then the next end, Jess got two hits and tied us with Stanford. The third end no one scored any points, meaning it was a tie going into the fourth and last end: 2-2. Then, during the last end, Scott scored 2 hits and USC won, 4-2! It was an exciting match! Next up, USC went against UC Irvine, the top ranked school. It was a tough match, and UC Irvine won in the end. Then for the finals, USC went against UC Merced for the bronze. It was a close match that was tied after the fourth end 3-3, but in the end, UC Merced got one more hit than USC during the shoot-off and took bronze. USC fought hard though!

After mixed teams, it was lunch time, during which USC and UC San Diego joined in on some Subway sandwiches and socializing in the grass. After lunch, ORs began at 1:15pm. First up was the men’s recurve 1/16th round. Scott went up against an opponent ranked twice as high as him and, though he put up a good fight, he lost. Next came the women’s recurve 1/16th round during which Jessica swept the field and won 6-0 against her opponent from NAU. During the 1/8th round, Jessica again bested her opponent from UCLA and won 6-0! For the 1/4 round, Jessica went up against UC Merced in the semi-finals, who was a tough opponent. She shot well, but was eliminated.

At the end of the day were the awards, during which Jessica Chen was awarded All West Honors for her combined score from National Indoor and WRIAC, which placed her in the top 5 for the West Region! Congratulations to Jessica!

It was a fun weekend, and we are looking forward to USIAC!


California Collegiate Championship – C3!

On March 15, 2014, three of our archers attended the California Collegiate Championship, also known as C3! Scott, Jessica and David arrived at 7:00 am at Mile Square Regional Park Archery Range, which is in Fountain Valley, CA (near Huntington Beach). It is a very nice and new range!! It cost approximately $2 million and has a covered shooting area and distances from 10 meters up to 90 meters. After set-up and warm-up, the ranking rounds began. This year, C3 ran differently from usual and was held entirely at 70 meters, unlike previous years where it was at three different distances (40, 50, 60m). It was changed to being all at 70m as a more “realistic” practice for WRIAC in April. The tournament consisted of two 36 arrow ranking rounds, for a total of 720 possible points. For archers unable to reach the full 70m, there was a 50m division, which David took place in. Jessica and Scott shot at 70m.

After the ranking rounds, we had a lunch break and ate Subway (courtesy of Jeep!). Then it was time for the mixed teams – which consist of one guy and one girl from each school – in which Jessica and Scott partook. First they went up against UCI and lost 4 -5 (close match) and then were pitted against the top ranking team, UC Merced, who took bronze. Following mixed teams, it was time for the Olympic Rounds (ORs)!

ORs are elimination-style bracket rounds, where each archer shoots 3 arrows and compares their score against their component; whoever scores higher gets 2 points. If there is a tie, then each archer gets 1 point. First to 6 points wins the match. Jessica represented USC well in taking 2nd place, earning a silver medal!

Official teams (which consist of three archers per school, either 3 men or 3 women) were supposed to happen next, but the tournament had so many delays and ran so late that it was dark by the time ORs finished and we had to skip team rounds. So the awards for team rounds were given based on the combined qualifying rank of each team, and so USC placed 3rd since that was our rank!

Following the competition and awards, Jessica, Scott and David went to BCD Tofu House for a delicious KBBQ dinner to celebrate the victories and the finishing of a long day. Congrats to Jessica, Scott and David for fighting on!

National Indoor 2014

Yo everyone! This past weekend a few of our archers (Jessica Chen, Scott Mac Donald, Quin Kaku, David Layton, Nicole Hill, and Neil Borad) and our coach Jeep Hauser, returned to the desolate Tulare for the USCA National Indoor Tournament. We arrived in the small town late Friday afternoon, checked into our motel, and had a nice dinner at Bravo Farms. One car arrived early and was able to go watch the Lego Movie in their free time. From what I hear, it was pretty great. Saturday morning, we got back into the usual tournament grind. We woke up early and had some breakfast in the motel and headed over to the warehouse. After a long morning of shooting, we headed over to Panera for a relatively small lunch, so we wouldn’t be to full for Black Bear Diner. Since we had nothing better to do in the afternoon, a few of us drove over to Adventure Park, where we raced some blazingly fast go karts and played some calming mini-golf. “Lead foot” Neil Borad tore up the track and snagged a nice win, and “Old Hand” David Layton unleashed his inner zen master to dominate the green. After a fulfilling afternoon, we finally headed over to Black Bear Diner, where we had a very filling and delicious dinner. Luckily, we managed to skeedaddle right before Stanford and Berkeley showed up to fill the restaurant. We then decided to head back to the hotel to get some solid rest. Sunday morning, we woke up for another, even more tiring morning of shooting. Afterwards, we headed over to Chili’s for a very very filling lunch before our drive home. We then packed up into the cars and headed home. As a whole for the weekend, everything was awesome!

Until next time!

Welcome to 2014 for USC Archery

Welcome to the new year and new semester everyone! Our semester of archery is already underway. If you look below, you can see my post about the State Indoor tournament, which happened the weekend before the semester even started. Last weekend we had the Long Beach Open, which was held at Archery Outpost in Long Beach. Scott Mac Donald, Jessica Chen, David Layton, and Pallavi Malhotra decided to drive over on Saturday to get in some more tournament experience. Both Scott and Jessica got 2nd place in their respective divisions, so be sure to congratulate them when you see them! Also, this weekend is the Las Vegas Tournament, and, though we don’t have any archers participating this year, Scott and Jessica will be going so we can keep an eye on the competition.
In other news our first social for the semester will be this coming weekend, so look out for the RSVP page updating so you can sign up. There will be more details about it on Facebook, so keep an eye out for that too. The social is a tentative pizza and game night, which will be held Friday night. Also, we have decided to hold elections somewhat earlier this year. If you’d like to run for any position, please send us a blurb about why you’re running and the position(s) you’re running for. The elected positions are President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary, and those four officers of the club will decide who will be the next Social/Fundraising Chair, Equipment Manager, and Public Relations Chair. You are free to run for whichever positions you like, both elected and non-elected, so let us know as soon as possible if you’re considering running.

Until next time,
USC Archer

State Indoor 2014

Hey guys! I’d like to begin by congratulating our new competition team members who attended State Indoor on getting through their first real tournament. So recently we had quite a few of our archers go out to Tulare for the State Indoor Tournament. As usual, we left Friday morning and arrived there around 11. Following tradition, we then went to Target and stocked up what would be our sustenance for the weekend. Afterwards, we grabbed a nice lunch and headed to the warehouse for some practice before the tournament, which would begin Saturday morning. Let’s just say that most of us realized the mistake we had made by not practicing over winter break. After an exhausting couple of hours, we trudged back to the hotel before heading to a cool Japanese restaurant, where we learned the difficulties of using chopsticks. Later that night decided to break our Denny’s tradition in order to get a bit more sleep in the morning. So the next morning, after showering and getting dressed, we wandered to Jeep’s room, munching on our various breakfast items, ready for some sort of pep talk. There was no pep talk. We then proceeded to the warehouse to shoot. After a long and tiring morning of shooting, we proceeded to Chili’s, which was awesome. Being all bloated, we didn’t really feel like doing much, but we had a few adventurous members (Abishek, Sarah, David, and Stella) drive up to Sequoia National Park. The rest of us ventured over to a theater to watch Frozen, which was also awesome. Really awesome. Later, we followed our tradition and went to Black Bear Diner for dinner, though we had to cut down a bit due to having eaten so much at lunch. Afterwards, we returned to the hotel and went to sleep so we could energize for one more morning of shooting. The next morning we all ate our breakfast and headed over to the warehouse again for one more day of shooting.

As a whole, the tournament went very well. Congratulations to Jessica Chen, who placed 3rd in the Collegiate Women’s Recurve and Scott Mac Donald, who placed 10th in Collegiate Men’s Recurve! I wish good luck to all our new archers and I hope to see all of you at Nationals!

Until next time,
Neil Borad

Training With an Olympian

Hey guys! So this past Saturday a few members of our club went down to the Olympic Training Center to spend a fun and informative day with USC Archery Club alumnus, and current resident athlete at the OTC, Joe Fanchin. We had quite an early morning, as we left USC at 6:30. We were all super pumped up and wide awake, ready to get into the mind of an Olympian. We got to the training center at about 8:30 and entered through a special athlete’s entrance. Boy, did we feel cool. We then learned from Joe that we had actually come in the wrong way, and that we should have gone to the archery range, so we all loaded back into our cars and drove over to the Roadrunner Archery Club. The range was huge. It was about 200 meters wide and probably around 100 meters long. Let’s just say that Rancho Park is going to feel a bit small now. We got all of our equipment set up and then gathered around Joe for a breakdown of archery gear and the purpose of everything on the bow. It was really cool getting to see Joe’s top of the line equipment and to learn the reasoning behind having different bows, and different set ups. Afterwards, we got a brief demo from Joe, who hit the gold from 70 meters! By that point we were all excited and ready to shoot, so we circled up, stretched and got to blank baling. While we were shooting, Joe and Jeep came around and gave really helpful pointers about our form and adjustments we could make to improve. When we were done shooting, we decided to take a lunch break and went to get some delicious In-N-Out. Yum! All filled up and re-energized, we drove back to the OTC campus, and decided to get a tour of the facilities from Joe. We learned about life as an Olympian and got to see some of the cool training grounds used by the teams. For example, the BMX team had two different tracks, a replica of the London Olympics track and the Beijing Olympics track! We slowly made our way over to the gift shop, which we found to be closed. In the meantime, we relaxed outside the shop and talked to Joe some more about living at the OTC and training, which was really interesting. Soon enough, the gift shop opened and we all bought cool souvenirs, considering that all the proceeds go to feeding and housing the resident athletes. After that, we wandered back over to the range for a cool demo of bowstring making. Though it seemed like a relatively long and somewhat tedious process, I think it would be really cool to get to make your own string. While Joe finished up the string, we all shot for a few more ends. By the time we were done, we were pretty tired, but that wasn’t quite the end of the day. We all packed up our stuff and gathered around Joe for a brief explanation of some core workouts that would be good for archery and even got to try some of them out on the field. After we dusted the grass off our clothes, we thanked Joe for being awesome and spending the day teaching us and walked back to our cars, unwilling to go back to school after such a fun day.

I hope everyone really enjoyed their time at the OTC, and I would like to thank Joe Fanchin for being such an awesome alumnus and hosting us!

Until next time,
Neil Borad

The Shatto

Hey everyone! I know it’s been quite some time since my last post, but here’s what some of you may have missed in the past few weeks. A couple of weeks ago we had our first social, which was super awesome! I asked our social chair Anish for a quick rundown of what happened, but he said that it was so fun that he had to describe it himself, so here’s what he told me:

“For the last social, we went and got some delicious Korean food at BCD Tofu House in Koreatown. After a fortifying (and extremely filling!) meal, we headed over to Shatto 39 Bowling Lanes. At first, we were a little rusty, but after the first game, almost everyone had caught up on their skills. By the end of the second game, almost everyone had gotten at least one strike, and we were ready to go home! It was a great night filled with good food, good company, and great bowling! Come out to our October social to join in on the fun!”

Now that sounds like a fun time. I know that I definitely won’t be missing another social this year. In other news our competition team is also getting huge this semester! I’m really excited to see so many new archers interested in shooting competitively, and I’d like to congratulate all the archers who have decided to take that next step into archery. Also, the club has a new PR Chair, Eu Ann Liu, who I suspect will be awesome in the position! Unfortunately, that means that this may be one of my final posts, but, don’t fret, as Eu-Ann will be taking over.

Also, I’d like to give a shout out to Glendale High School for being such awesome archers and for being so willing to learn! We all had a blast teaching you guys and hope to see you guys again! If you have any archery questions, feel free to email us at uscarchery@gmail.com.

Shoot On!
Neil Borad (feat. Anish)

Welcome archers!

Hey everyone! So it’s time to begin yet another fun year of archery at USC! I’d like to begin by thanking all the archers who came out to our first practice yesterday, and I hope that everyone had a great time and will come back for more! If you signed up, but were told the practice is full, don’t worry, we’ll put you at the top of the priority list for next week’s practice as soon as you sign up! THE RSVP for next Sunday will open this Friday (September 6th) and the RSVP for this week’s advanced practices is already open, so sign up! Don’t let the moniker “advanced practice” intimidate you, it just means that we’ll try to teach how to shoot better, like an olympic archer!

For those of you who haven’t been to a practice yet, let me tell you a bit more about the club. At USC Archery, we strive to train members in the sport of archery without making it seem grueling and tiring and boring like many other club sports. We try to engage our club members in the practices, such as by playing archery blackjack or trying to shoot balloons. We also teach our archers to shoot with the NTS style used by the olympic archers. We don’t require our club members to have any archery experience. In fact, you don’t even need to know what a bow is! We provide everything for our members, from carpooling to training and equipment. If you’re interested in trying out archery, just sign up by clicking the RSVP tab at the top of this page, and filling in your information. Be sure to check out the FAQs page if you’re confused about anything! If the page doesn’t have the information you need, just shoot us an email at uscarchery@gmail.com! If you want to meet us in person, come by our info session on Wednesday (we’ll send out more information through email). Also, if anyone is interested in Public Relations, we have an opening for PR Chair, so if you’re interested in the position, send us an email!

Shoot on!
Neil Borad

USIAC 2013

This past weekend, our team of competitive archers headed out to Cedar City, Utah for the 2013 United States Intercollegiate Archery Championships (USIAC, for short!), held at Southern Utah University (SUU).

Competitors Jessica Chen, Scott MacDonald, and Quin Kaku were joined by our coach Jeep Hauser early in the morning on Thursday, May 16 to make the 6.5 hour drive in time for official practice that afternoon. While driving through Las Vegas, just North of the strip, our crew had quite an adventure when Jeep’s tire blew out on the highway! The team stopped by a car shop to get Jeep’s tires changed and to check on Scott’s A/C, which regrettably no longer blew cold air on the long hot drive. By eating lunch during the fix and check-up, the team made it to Cedar City in 8 hours, arriving at official practice at 3pm. The team was surprised at losing an hour once they entered Utah due to a time zone change, although this still left them a solid hour to get checked in, equipment inspection, and some practice in.

The opening ceremony was quite uneventful and surprisingly quick, although this gave our competitors time to check into the Best Western hotel and settle in before the BBQ for dinner. The BBQ featured a simple chicken dinner hosted by a local church group and there was a skeet shooting and a lassoing station, along with a rescued eagle for show, as entertainment. Otherwise, it was an early night in a luxurious (relative to the usual Motel 6) hotel room in preparation for shooting the next day.

Friday, May 17 was the first day of official shooting, featuring a 72-arrow qualifying round. The day started early with a complimentary breakfast at the hotel to prepare our archers for the long day ahead of them. Contrasting with the previous day, this first day of competition featured a chilly day filled with clouds followed with fickle 30 mph winds. Unused to these drastic conditions, our archers showed up in merely shirts and shorts and had some difficulties adjusting to the constantly changing winds. The wind was so strong that the tournament was delayed for a while when numerous targets were blown over by the wind! After changing to pants and treating themselves to some hot chocolate, the team finally brought back their game to finish off strong on the first day. The team made a shopping trip to Sports Authority to purchase some much-needed under armour afterwards (while the compounds and bowhunter divisions shot).

Mixed teams followed the first qualifying round. Jessica Chen and Quin Kaku represented USC Archery. The first match was against ACCC, and while we shot well during the first couple of practice ends, we eventually lost to ACCC 3-5. This loss, however, allowed our team to eat a relaxed dinner at Ninja, a Japanese Steakhouse that did not feature steak but instead had delicious udon and yakisoba.

Saturday, May 18 was the second day of official shooting, featuring the second 72-arrow qualifying round. Since the compound and bowhunter divisions switched time places with the recurve division on the second day, our team had a relaxing morning before heading to Walmart to grab some lunch before shooting. The second day’s qualifying round arranged archers according to their ranking in the first qualifying round. The weather was surprisingly nice early in the morning for the compound and bowhunter division, but unfortunately turned a bit sour as soon as the recurve division entered the field. During one end, a thunderstorm headed towards the field and rained down on all the archers, but thankfully passed by without too much trouble. The wind was a bit more calm during the second shooting day, so many archers experienced a rise in their scores, although some reported to concentrate better the previous day. With the combined qualifying 144-round, Quin placed 16th with a score of 1044 and Scott placed 44th with a score of 821 in the Mens Recurve division while Jessica placed 20th with a score of 806 in the Womens Recurve division.

After the second qualifying round was team rounds. Our Men’s Recurve team featured our three archers (Quin, Scott, and Jessica). Our team first faced Dine College, who gave us a run for the gold in the first two ends. Our team pulled through and won their first team match 4-3. The second team round match was against Texas A&M, who had a superb team. Although we put up a strong fight, Texas A&M demolished everyone in the bracket, and eventually placed first in this event, and defeated us 15-4.

Our team relaxed with another scrumptious dinner at Rusty’s Ranch House, a quaint restaurant located in the canyon, before retiring for another early night. The team also picked up a local newspaper, which featured Quin’s picture on the front page, although hilariously mislabeled. Quin is famous!

Sunday, May 19 was the last day of USIAC. The team woke up extremely early to head out onto the field (surprise – we were the first ones there!) for a 7am start to the OR eliminations. The sprinklers were always left on overnight, so the team enjoyed some frost-covered grass for a bit before huddling in the cars to warm up a bit. Mens Recurve shot their 1/32nd rounds first. Scott went against a competitor with half of Scott’s ranking – although he shot better than the previous two days, Scott was unfortunately eliminated. Quin and Jessica were paired against more manageable opponents and passed onto the next round. In the 1/16th round, Jessica surprisingly overthrew the archer in rank 13 from Texas A&M, while Quin fought well and eventually eliminated his opponent as well. Both Jessica and Quin were pitted against top archers in the 1/8th round and were unfortunately eliminated. Fortunately for the whole team, this early elimination allowed them to eat a filling lunch at Cafe Rio’s, a Mexican restaurant that the team decided would be competitive against Chipotle if brought to the Los Angeles area.

The team then enjoyed a relaxing afternoon by watching Iron Man 3 together and then went back to the hotel to rest and prepare for the banquet. The banquet was quite nice and featured a mouthwatering raspberry cheesecake, presented at each table from the start of the meal, for everyone to stare at for the remainder of the meal and to finally enjoy after the main course (of chicken, of course). The awards ceremony was a bit lengthy, but went relatively smoothly compared to the rest of competition. Quin was awarded Academic All-American, so everyone should congratulate him! Jessica and Scott shot better than last year so they deserve some props as well!

And thus concluded our team’s last outdoor competition of the season. Our team sent one more archer to USIAC compared to last year, shot strongly during the capricious and vicious winds, made a couple of friends from various schools around the country, and gained a lot of experience from this competition. Check out pictures when they are posted to get a sense of what the competition was like, and have a great summer and see you in the fall!